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Neem Land

Package 1: Home Oasis

Package 1: Home Oasis

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100% Neem from Senegal, Africa.


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Unveil the essence of serenity within your sanctuary with Package 1: Home Oasis.

This carefully curated blend is tailored for the cherished blooms that grace your living spaces. Included is 100 ml of refined neem oil, nature's own elixir, to invigorate your indoor flowers with vigor and vitality. Accompanying this is 1 kg of neem cake, a treasure trove of nutrients, which enriches the soil, fostering a haven where your floral companions can thrive in lush splendor. Together, these elements harmonize to transform your home into a vibrant oasis, where nature's beauty blossoms in peaceful coexistence with urban life.


In Packet: 1 kg neem cake, 100 ml neem oil, GRATIS High Pressure Sprayer

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