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Neem Land

Package 4: Green Paradise

Package 4: Green Paradise

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100% Neem from Senegal, Africa


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Introducing Package 4: Green Paradise, the ultimate gardening solution for those who dream of transforming up to 50 m² of garden space into a thriving ecosystem. This package comes with an ample 1 liter of neem oil and a substantial 20 kg of neem cake, meticulously selected to nurture and protect your garden’s expanse.

The neem oil in this package is a natural powerhouse, offering effective protection against a wide array of pests and diseases, while also acting as a growth enhancer for your plants. It helps ensure that your garden remains a vibrant, flourishing environment, free from the constraints of harmful chemicals.

Accompanying the neem oil, the neem cake acts as a soil enhancer by providing a rich source of nutrients that slowly release into the soil, improving its fertility and structure. This not only promotes healthier plant roots and growth but also aids in water retention, which is crucial for maintaining moisture levels, especially in larger garden areas.

Together, the neem oil and neem cake form a dynamic duo, fostering an ecological balance that supports lush vegetation and a diverse plant life. The Green Paradise package is designed for gardeners who are committed to creating a sustainable and beautiful garden space that flourishes naturally, making every square meter count with vitality and abundance.

In the package: 1x 20 kg neem cake, 1 liter neem oil, GRATIS 1 kg neem cake and High Pressure Sprayer.


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