Use Of Neem Oil – Pepper

Peppers can face a variety of diseases and pests, including:

  1. Diseases of roots and stems
  2. Leaf diseases
  3. Viral diseases
  4. Fetal diseases
  5. Diseases of the root neck



  1. White flycatcher
  2. Tomato bug
  3. Caterpillars
  4. Scaly spider
  5. Capers


Here are some tips on how to use neem oil to protect peppers:

  1. Prepare a solution of neem oil - to prepare a solution, mix 1 tablespoon of neem oil in 1 liter of water and mix well.
  2. Spray the plants - apply the solution to the leaves, stem and fruits of the plant with a spray bottle. Be sure to cover the entire plant.
  3. Repeat the process - repeat the spray once a week to maintain the effectiveness of neem oil.
  4. Use in the early morning hours - Neem oil works best in the cooler hours of the day, so use it in the early morning or late afternoon.

Do not overuse - neem oil is a strong product, so use it sparingly. Excessive use may damage the plant.

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