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Neem Land

Package 3: Abundant Garden

Package 3: Abundant Garden

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100% Neem from Senegal, Africa.


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Introducing Package 3: Abundant Garden, designed for the dedicated gardener looking to nurture a lush, productive patch of up to 25 m². This package provides a generous supply of 1 liter of neem oil and 10 kg of neem cake, forming the perfect duo to boost the health and yield of your garden.

The neem oil included in this package serves as a powerful natural pest repellent, safeguarding your plants from common garden pests while promoting healthier growth and vibrant blooms. It's an essential ally in maintaining the ecological balance of your garden without resorting to harsh chemicals.

Complementing the neem oil, the neem cake acts as an excellent soil amendment. It enriches the soil with essential nutrients, improving soil structure and moisture retention. This organic matter not only feeds your plants but also enhances the soil's ability to sustain long-term plant health and fertility.

Together, these two components work in harmony to create an environment where your plants can thrive naturally. The Abundant Garden package is ideal for gardeners who aim to cultivate a thriving, eco-friendly garden space, ensuring that every square meter is utilized to its fullest potential for beauty and bounty.

In the package: 1x 10 kg neem cake, 1x 1 liter neem oil + GRATIS 1 kg neem cake+High Pressure Sprayer,

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